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Music is deep in her blood. LIZ LOKRE has been writing and performing since she was 12, growing up singing in church, and winning music competitions across North America. Her father booked live rock music in his native Dublin while her Trinidadian mother travelled the world as an Indian dancer. It was her grandmother who had in fact pioneered a popular pre-Bollywood style of dance. 


But LIZ gravitated toward Stevie Wonder, Sade, and Alicia Keys. Before she was 16, she had already been “walking through every door I could, getting every experience I could, getting used to being on stage and finding my voice,” she says. Although she continues to travel regularly to LA and beyond, it’s in Toronto, that she continues to hone her craft. Her vocal coach—who she shares with The Weeknd—recommended her to Adrian X, the guitarist and OVO musical director, who has headed up the live bands for Drake, The Weeknd, Partynextdoor and more. 


Drawing on a love of R&B, international pop and inspiration from her cultural heritage, they have created a sound that features LIZ's soaring vocals over standout productions.

Surrounding her the release of her single "Rise Up!" LIZ has started #RiseUpMovement, “encouraging students to identify their strengths, and explore how they can use them to give back.” On days off her tour schedule, she hosts workshops for students talking about empowerment. "Music has the power to heal," she says "That is the reason why I do what I do."  


Her singles have racked up close to 2 million spins on Spotify and they are calling cards for a talented and confident new artist. One whose message speaks to unify and uplift, a grounded and gifted performer whose own ascent is clearly on the path ahead of her. 

“Her sparkling voice juxtaposes against a powerful tempest on a mission to change how we look at the world."
                                         - Brandon Brophy (Singer's Edge) 
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